The first company, founded at the end of the Second World War by the Tizzoni and Airoldi families, began to approach the aerosol world in the mid-1950s. For about 30 years it consolidated its experience in the sector and then in 1988 the Tizzoni and Panzeri families established the current Cabagaglio Spa.

The ever-growing company moved into its current premises in Sirone (LC) in 2017. This important step has allowed the company to strengthen and improve its layout, with an eye to the future in terms of growth and increase in production capacity.

Our numbers

More than 60 years

of experience

10.000 M2


At today Cabagaglio maintained its original character as a family company, considering its staff an indispensable and unique resource for improving its business. Always focused on market requirements, Cabagaglio continues on investing in technological new machinery, expanding its range of products and giving the most performing support for every customer needs.

Technical Department

A team of experts designs and develops each component to ensure maximum performance of the final product.


Quality control managers test and verify production daily, following procedures fine-tuned over time by highly qualified personnel.